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As a 100% US-based electronics manufacturing services company, we embrace all-things-patriotic, including Flag Day. Few things beat patriotic pride as displaying the American flag in your home for Flag Day, but there are other meaning ways to show your love for the country, too. Here are seven of our favorite user-submitted ways to commemorate Flag Day.

Flag Day

1. Know the history of the Flag. Knowing what you are celebrating for every year will make you better appreciate the occasion.
2. Attend some Flag Day events in your local community. Flag ceremonies and parades are often scheduled in some cities to commemorate the day.
3. Donate blood. Donating your blood so that fellow countrymen may live is a noble gesture to pay the kindness forward.
4. Buy American-made products. Buying American-made products supports the economy and job stability.
5. Donate to a charity. Donating isn’t all about the cash. You can also donate items to be sold or simply donate your time.
6. Thank a veteran. Is there a veteran in your family or neighborhood? Bring them a delicious, home-made treat or ask them to lunch. A simple gesture can mean the world to someone else.
7. Bring your kids to a fire station or police department and introduce them to the local heroes. Instill in your kids the important roles of local heroes like policemen and firefighters. Call ahead and see if the fire station or police department offers days when such respects can be paid.

There you go. Seven meaningful ways to celebrate Flag Day this 14th of June. If you have further suggestions on how to make the day more special, educational and fun, we’d love to hear from you.