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US Manufacturing

Throughout the 20th century, the United States was in a period of sudden growth. Different businesses opened in the country, and the educated workforce was paid well to manufacture and produce goods for sale. But lately, as the economy and marketplace have gone global thanks to the Internet, American business owners have moved operations overseas where they enjoy less regulation, lower-priced workers, and the ability to offer better value to consumers. While this initially was considered to be a good thing, as more consumers have the ability to purchase products they previously could not afford, there are certain reasons why manufacturing on U.S. soil is a better option.

U.S. manufacturing helps the consumer.
When you are creating products within the United States, you are creating jobs for many people. It is hard to overstate the value that this holds for the American workforce. It is true that producing goods overseas keeps costs down, but when so many Americans are out of work, they cannot afford to purchase products anyway.

U.S. manufacturing keeps delivery costs and timelines at a minimum.
Shipping overseas is costly, but U.S. shipping continues to hold a reasonable rate, regardless of the size of the shipment. In addition, shipping overseas involves many moving parts and as such, it also involves many opportunities for problems to develop. These moving parts can mean small errors, delays, or even cancellation of shipments due to misunderstandings. Plus, when you are only shipping within the country, the shipping timeframes are much shorter. The quicker you can ship products, the quicker you can get them in the hands of the consumer. This means that fast shipping can result in more sales for you.

You also protect our environment.
It may seem obvious to say, but shipping over land within the U.S. also puts less stress on our environment. Compare a shipment between states and a shipment coming from China. The Chinese shipment might travel by boat and plane over weeks to arrive.

The manufacturing regulations are there for a reason.
While less regulation is a tempting offer when looking overseas, staying up to code within the U.S. is going to keep your workers safe. Factories in other countries that lack this regulation put their workers – and the product – at risk. Government standards keep working environments safe and efficient. This also results in much safer products. Safer products means less of a chance for a costly recall.

U.S.-based customer service is a premium.
With automatic phone systems and the seemingly-endless list of companies that are outsourcing their customer service efforts, keeping your operations within the country will not only provide jobs, but a more pleasant and comfortable customer service experience for your customer. This level of service is simply impossible to attain from an outside source, and a happy customer will buy more of your products.

U.S. manufacturers keep our government in operation.
New roads, water, and even school costs are all supported by taxation. If you operate your business in the U.S., you will be able to benefit from those taxes and the services provided through them.

In reality, while the offer may be tempting, the unknowing costs and stresses of outsourcing can be more trouble than it’s worth. Keep your operations in the U.S. and benefit from them.