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New Product Introductions (NPI)

EMS Solutions has implemented a new product introduction (NPI) process to meet customers’ needs. The process has been developed over years of working with new product prototypes and scaling them to production volumes.

Great ideas take their first step towards realization when they are put on paper. Customers may or may not submit their design schematics to the EMS Solutions NPI team. If the customer does submit schematics, they will be reviewed for potential issues early in the process, before the customer spends valuable time and money for the new product idea.

If the customer needs assistance with the design schematics of the new product concept, EMS Solutions’ design engineers will collaborate with the customer’s engineers. They can then generate designs and PCB board layouts based on the client’s specifications. Our engineers will use state-of-the-art design tools to generate final design files in industry-standard formats.

Bill of Materials and Documentation

A new concept, no matter how promising, will go nowhere if the components cannot be procured in a timely and cost-effective manner. Part of the NPI process is a review of the bill of materials for completeness and accuracy. The process will also check parts’ obsolescence and eliminate long lead times while identifying the most suitable components of the customer’s approved vendor list.

The NPI process includes an analysis of the supply chain. If components can be sourced at a lower cost, the analysis will put forth recommendations for alternate components that will meet, if not exceed, the required specifications. Finally, the NPI process will attempt to identify equipment or production processes that could pose challenges to the completion of the project and make recommendations for workarounds.

Components sourcing

Our purchasing specialists will ensure that components and raw materials are sourced in a timely, cost-efficient manner to guarantee on-schedule production without delays from supply disruptions.

Project Kick-off

EMS Solutions will manage the various aspects of the project, mobilizing the appropriate expertise and resources to drive the new project from start to finish.