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New Product Design Collaboration

EMS Solutions helps customers with their current or future product designs. The company builds off of valuable feedback from customers to design ideal products while ensuring top efficiency and compliance with quality standards.

Consumers are continually in search of devices and applications to make their lives easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. As electronics products have become more varied and complicated in response to customer demands, their lifecycle has become shorter. To survive in this new environment, electronic manufacturing companies must continually launch new and innovative products to stay ahead of the competition.

Product designers do not perform this task alone. While the idea of a new product may come from a single mind, it takes the cooperation of multiple players to bring these ideas to fruition. This is why EMS Solutions has such a deep commitment to the collaborative process. EMS Solutions builds on the vision and expertise of its customers as well as its own team to produce the most innovative and cutting-edge products available. This burnishes their customers’ brands and allows them to stay highly competitive.

Another key player in the new product design process is the procurement team, which is tasked to deliver all the raw materials and components for production in a timely manner.

The product design team at EMS Solutions works hand-in-hand with the manufacturing experts to develop new product prototypes. The design team also collaborates with the engineering, manufacturing and quality-control team members, as well as the customer’s representatives, to conduct process and equipment validation and seamlessly scale up the prototype to production volume.