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Life gets hectic. We’re busy at work; we’re busy at home. In all of the busy shuffling of the day for those of us in the business world, it is nice to take a step back and appreciate those that help minimize our hectic lives, admin professionals.

admin professional

April’s Admin Professionals Day provides us an opportunity to acknowledge the workforce that is grinding away behind the public curtain for many of us. At EMS Solutions, our admin professionals keep us rolling despite daily challenges. They truly are the business’s “rockstars!”

1. Customer Satisfactions

Customers fuel all businesses. At EMS Solutions, customer satisfaction is the number one priority of our admin professionals.

2. Managing Sales and Sending Quotes

Our business isn’t the type where you purchase a widget, and then say goodbye. We’re focus on giving our customers more than what they expected. From our first engagement of sending a company an electronic contract manufacturing quote to their 10th reorder of printed circuit board assembly, our admins keep the relationships seamless.

3. Warehouse Productivity

EMS Solutions’ exponential growth is due largely to our admin’s excellent jobs of supervising and facilitating warehouse productivity. Our high volume production of high-quality products is what gives EMS Solutions their reputation, and reputation is everything in the world of contract manufacturing. Our strong, internal workforce owes its thanks to our admins.
Admin professionals deserve the utmost respect.

Admin Professionals Day is a great opportunity to say thanks in a small way for those on our team that do big things.