What does October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month have to do with an electronic manufacturing service provider? Technology.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women. About 1.7 million patients were diagnosed in 2012. Cancer detection and treatment deserve awareness, and technology may be able to help.

breast cancer awareness technology

Preventive Technology

1. Imaging Tests
The earlier that breast cancer is detected, the better the chances are for a successful outcome. Imaging tests help doctors and their patients evaluate abnormalities in breasts and identify tumors. Scintimammography or molecular breast imaging is one of these breakthroughs. This process uses a radioactive tracer injected into the veins. The tracer moves through the blood and attaches to suspicious cells and tumors.

2. Laboratory Tests
Researchers have found that cells from tumors may spread and break away from the lump and enter the blood. These cells present in the blood can help detect cancer cells’ and metastatic tumors.

3. Treatment
Technology helps produce breast cancer treatment options and continually reassess their effectiveness. Ongoing innovations in cancer treatment and surgery include oncoplastic surgery, chemotherapy, and pharmaceuticals.

Awareness is crucial in the fight against breast cancer. Education is power. Let’s fight together.