When we think of something important, our arms and hands’ health are not usually at the top of the list. Working in a warehouse, or any job for that matter, we forget how our arms and hands play such a huge role in daily life; in our career, job, or any physical activities.

Arthritis Awareness Month gives the dedicated team at EMS Solutions a unique opportunity to share some tips on how to keep your hands and arms happy, especially in the workplace.

1. Stretch! Stretch! Stretch!

You’re not alone when you say you forget to stretch every time that you workout. Stretching shouldn’t be limited to only workouts. Apply the concept of stretching at the workplace, too. Stretching no only warms up your muscles but it also circulates blood flow for a productive day of work ahead.

2. Practice light exercises

Almost every pain can be avoided by doing some exercises appropriate to the muscles. For those who have arthritis issues, exercises like finger and wrist stretches can help minimize strains throughout the day.

3. Take a Break

Trying to stay ahead is no excuse to skip your given break times. Yes, you’re workaholic, dedicated, focused, and goal-oriented. However, plenty of studies have shown that those with proper rest and breaks produce more over the course of a day than those that work non-stop.

4. Position your keyboard or equipment correctly

Many of us work with computers most of our business hours. If you’re one of them, have you ever asked yourself if your hands or equipment are positioned properly for maximum productivity and comfort? It is never too late to start practicing proper equipment efficiencies. Keep your keyboard or other equipment at a comfortable distance so that you are no too close that you rest too much on the equipment, nor too far that you strain to work efficiently.

5. Lift things properly

Many injuries in the workplace occur because of improper lifting. Before lifting anything ask yourself first, “Am I lifting using the proper form? Can I lift this amount of weight without exerting myself?” Remember, there is nothing wrong with asking for help with lifting.

EMS Solutions truly cares for our staff. A healthy team is a productive team. What about you? Are you ready to increase productivity with proper stretching and form?