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Maintaining stringent quality control is crucial in making sure that products produced at EMS Solutions are delivered with the highest standards. Hence, our AOI inspection process is a significant resource in making sure that our company is consistently producing high-quality PCBA. But what exactly is AOI?

Automated Optical Inspection

AOI visual inspection or non-contact method of quality testing is commonly used in electronics manufacturing service companies, especially throughout the process of printed circuit board assembly. This is an automated visual inspection process using a camera to scan printed circuit boards for anomalies, missing components, or other defects.

AOI can also be used throughout various stages of manufacturing to ensure that any defect is addressed or corrected before it reaches other manufacturing stages. AOI helps electronics contract manufacturers to identify the following:

1. Correctness of parts
2. Damaged components or parts
3. Component offset, polarity and skew
4. Solder bridges, lack of solder joints, or even excessive solder joints
5. Insufficient or lack of paste in the leads
6. Defects in volume and heights
7. Completeness of the components or the lack thereof

When used during the process of printed circuit board assembly, AOI can identify the following:

1. Short circuits
2. Excess or lack of copper
3. Defects or discrepancies in the line width and spacing
4. Cuts and breakage
5. Mounting or installation of wrong components
6. Completeness of the pads of the lack thereof

In addition to AOI, EMS Solution also implements the strictest measures in quality inspection starting from the parts and materials before the assembly, up to the process of assembly, and after through packaging. We also compliment the benefits of AOI with Pre-reflow and First Article inspection. We even go one step further by sending finished products to our Quality Control department wherein they are thoroughly checked by seasoned quality control inspectors.

At EMS Solutions, we ensure that every product is exposed to the inspection of experienced staff and employees who are dedicated to producing top of the line PCBs.