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Rewarding careers do not always come from a college degree. People can have successful vocations in fields that require non-degree courses, and best of all, they can do so without incurring college debt.

Becoming an Electronic Technician

(Pixabay / Jarmoluk)

An electronics technician is a good example of a non-degree career. Large electronics and appliance companies hire electronics technicians, providing them with stable and well-paying jobs. An electronics technician’s salary, which ranges from $40,000 to $80,000, is comparable to the salary of many professionals with a college diploma.

Electronics and appliance companies hire in-house electronics technicians to work on their products. Starting a career with this type of company will give technicians a wide range of experience. Some technicians choose to roll that experience into their own company, becoming a small business owner. Others opt to stay with the same company, promoting up the ranks and availing themselves of significant salary increases.

An electronics technician can work in different fields ranging from telecommunications to computer and automotive repairs. A good starting point for a novice technician is to work as an appliance repair tech. If you choose to work in the field of electronics, you can expect a diverse and fulfilling career. Because technology continues to grow and improve, there will always be jobs and dynamic opportunities for development and growth.

Although the job of an electronics technician does not require a college degree, it does necessitate a thorough understanding of appliances and gadgets. The foundation of an electronics technician’s knowledge can be acquired from technical training and technical school certifications. The rest can be learned on the job.

There are schools in every state that offer electronics technician courses. Those schools also provide certification training. Contact your local technical school for more information on schooling and career options in the field of electronics.