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People with new electronic projects are often in search of free software or tools for easy execution of PCB design. Without software, the design process could take several days, depending on how complicated the electronic project is. Thankfully, there is a broad selection of quality software that can be accessed for free.

Best Free Software for PCB Design

(Pixabay / kritsadaj)

Here are some of best software options for PCB design:

  • ZenitPCB – This software is excellent for professional PCB layout design. It is an easy to use CAD program that will allow you to finish your project quickly.
  • TinyCAD – This program helps draw circuit diagrams. It has accompanying symbol libraries to guide you. You can print your design by copying and pasting it into a Word document or saving it into PNG bitmap format for the web.
  • Osmond PCB – This one runs on Mac and is a flexible tool to design PCBs. It has different board sizes, layers, and parts. It supports surface mount and through-hole mount parts.
  • BSch3V – Choose this option for basic schematic with simple functions and operations. It is adopted for Windows.
  • Express PCB – With this product, you will find an easy-to-learn program for laying out PCBs. Even first-time users can work on it effectively.
  • Kicad – This software creates electronic schematic diagrams and PCB artwork. It is open source.
  • gEDA – For a mature suite of software applications for electronic design, choose gEDA. It features schematic capture, generation of bill of materials, attribute management, over 20 netlist formats, and PCB design layout. The program runs on Linux.
  • Fritzing – This is an open-source initiative that supports artists, designers, hobbyists, and researchers working creatively on interactive electronics and electronic projects. It helps users get familiar with electronic circuits, documenting projects, and preparing projects for production.
  • DesignSpark PCB – This is the most accessible software for electronics design. It can be learned and used right away. It aims to reduce the concept-to-production period.
  • EasyEDA – A free, cloud-based tool suite that integrates schematic capture, EasyEDA offers mixed-mode simulation of circuits and seamless cross-platform PCB layout.

You can decide which software suits your particular project and skill level.