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Maritime Day is celebrated every 22nd of May to celebrate the importance of the marine industry to our economy and national security In recognition of Marine Day and the importance of marine vessels and marine-related economies, here are some of the most influential marine electronic inventions of our time.

Marine invention

Marine Navigation

Travelers and seafarers of the past had few navigation tools, other than the stars in the sky and basic quadrants, chronometer, and a magnetic compass or marine astrolabe. Cosmic bodies have been their bases to determine their location and directions.
Gone are the days of starlight navigation. Modern technology now allows for satellite-based GPS to ensure efficient travel. Navigational data, weather updates, charts, and maps can now be combined into a centralized digital panel to provide accurate, instant maritime information. In addition to precise travel data, GPS technology has other advantages, too.

• safer travel to avoid unpredictable storm weather
• fewer accidents while navigating around other upcoming marine vessels
• better commerce delivery tracking for improved economy

3D Modeling Software

Whether you enjoy boating for the recreation of wakeboarding or waterskiing, prefer the sport of sailing, or love fishing, you can thank advances in boat design for your enjoyable ride on the water. The only goal of boat hulls in the past was not to sink. Nowadays, boats also have to ensure as smooth of a ride as possible and reduced friction for an expedited ride.

3D modeling software has allowed for engineers to design and manufacture the slickest of boat designs, figuratively and literally. Gone are the days of trial and error of manually manufacturing a boat model to be able to then test its performance. Modern modeling software allows designers to create digitally tangible models of varying designs of boat hulls. Those designs can then be put through digital simulators to test performance. This saves millions of wasted dollars by ensuring an efficient design before time and money are spent on producing a physical model for final testing.

Fish Finders

Baseball may be America’s sport of choice, but fishing is America’s unofficial leisure activity. When you don’t want to go home empty handed, electronic fish finders can help you avoid “the one that got away” stories. Electronic fish finders are used at all levels of fishing; recreation, sport, and commercial.

Today’s marine time industries benefit greatly from advances in navigational tools and marine instruments. When boat control and maritime efficiency are in high standards, the safety, security, and production of boats are ensured. In appreciation of Maritime Day, thanks to the people and industries that keep our ports safe and our maritime economies are booming.