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As 2017 comes to a close, it leaves in its wake impressive advancements in the field of technology. Technology marches on at astonishing speeds. It allows us to fly over oceans in a matter of hours and retrieve information with the push of a few buttons on a pocket-sized device.

Best in Technology for 2017

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Technology continues to advance, and we can expect more mind-blowing developments in the coming years. Here’s a look at a few of the innovations that took center stage in 2017:

  • Robots – Automation has taken over many human-exclusive tasks, resulting in skyrocketing productivity. Paired with artificial intelligence, many jobs that were once the domain of humans will be assumed by machines.
  • The marriage of physical and digital – The proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices has given people infinite access to real-world information. People can place their orders for merchandise online and pick up the products at a retail location.
  • The Internet of Things – Smart home technology is an offshoot of the development of the Internet of Things. People are now living in connected homes. You need not open your door with a key nor turn on the lights by flicking a switch. Almost everything can be done through remote control or programmable devices. You don’t even have to walk into the kitchen to make a cup of joe anymore. You can program your coffee machine so your morning brew will be ready the moment you roll out of bed. Tech companies, such as Apple, Google and Amazon, are heavily invested in the production of devices that control the operations of home technology systems.

The forward march of technology has spilled over into all facets of human life. Things that were incomprehensible a decade ago are a reality now, and the beat goes on.

At EMS Solutions, we are proud to be part of the concerted effort to support progressive technologies that benefit mankind. We have adopted the latest technology in electronics manufacturing and will continue to upgrade our equipment and facilities to deliver cutting edge products to our clients. We wish to thank our loyal customers for a great 2017, and we look forward to meeting your needs in 2018.