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At EMS Solutions, like many other businesses, we see an increase in demand during the holidays. Today’s latest toys and iGadgets need quality electronic manufacturing and printed circuit board assembly. As the holidays near closer, retail sales in various sectors surge. Especially during Black Friday. How did Black Friday become the biggest shopping day of the year, anyway?

There are several states that give the day off after Thanksgiving for purposes of spending time with family, not specifically for shopping. Despite the fact that Black Friday isn’t an official holiday, the day is widely accepted as a “retail holiday.”


The Meaning of Black Friday

Black Friday is the official kickoff of the Christmas shopping season and there are two versions of how this shopping day came about. Before everything went digital, accounting records were done by hand. The red ink and black ink were used to symbolize loss and profit. The name “Black Friday” refers to retailers moving profits from being “in the red” (profit losses), to being “in the black” (profitable).

Keeping Up With Demands

Is your organization all geared up for the big rush of sales? To keep revenues up, you have to ensure your team can meet the demands.

  • Do you have sufficient inventory?
  • Do you have sufficient staffing?

EMS Solutions is here to help you boost your productivity by way of increasing your manufacturing rate. Our top-of-the-line equipment, quick turnaround and efficient productivity rates provide clients with high-quality products at competitive prices.

We are proud our professional team is committed to making each product right the first time. Contact us today and let us help you increase your revenue.