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Whether your goals are to emphasize dedication to the company or to advance your career, Boss’s Day is an opportunity to impress your boss. Stepping up your “A” game doesn’t mean beating yourself up with early arrivals at the office or being the last one to leave. Simple efforts like dressing professionally and being efficient can make all the difference in the world to catch the attention of management. In recognition of Boss’s Day, let’s look at some practical ways to make a positive impression.

Boss's Day

1. Ask Feedback

One of the best strategies to impress management and co-workers is asking for feedback. Do your best at every job, and then ask their thoughts afterward. What do they think about the strategy? Are they satisfied? Asking for feedback about your performance will leave an impression that you want to make sure what you did is effective, efficient, and promotes long-term success of the company.

2. Follow the Leader

When learning a job, a skill, or a strategy, following another co-worker doesn’t mean you have to keep quiet. Listen attentively, take notes and visualize how the task will work or take place. Ask questions and make suggestions on how to be more efficient. Your suggestions are noticed.

3. Share your Thoughts

If you sense something’s wrong or not working, speak up. Share what you think. When you speak up and have validity to your statement, your ideas could fix an issue or increase productivity. Great ideas help better the company and are a great way to get the bosses attention. Any time expenses can be lowered and profits increased, while maintaining quality, the whole company wins.

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