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Have you ever wondered how companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon and other successful businesses became so powerful in their trade. If you ask most any successful entrepreneur how they achieved success, most will comment on building good relationships. At EMS Solutions, we, too, recognize the key to our successful begins with establishing a good relationship with you.

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In recognition of August welcoming International Friendship Day, and as we extend our best towards nurturing our relationship with you, here are a few of our favorite relationship-nurturing success tips that we’ve heard from others.

Barry Farber of says, “No business is an island – solid connections are the key to success. Make friends as well as customers with these time-tested tactics.” In his article “Turning Customers Into Friends,” he shared some insights on how to build and maintain successful relationships with customers.

  • Find connections.
  • Put yourself in customers’ shoes.
  • Leave each better off than when you each other.
  • Be thoughtful in little ways.
  • Risk being different and making changes.

Farber emphasizes that you don’t have to become the best friend of your customer. The point is to develop a solid relationship. It’s all about valuing the customer’s company and understanding your contributions to their company.

Time to Build Relationships

If you think that catchy ads and attractive commercials are the only factors in promoting a business, you’re wrong. Treating customers like friends is far better than a good marketing technique. It is the foundation of a business owners’ successful pursuits.

Dennis Fois, CEO of Rant & Rave says, “Companies need to stop thinking about their customers as customers, and start thinking about them as friends.”

Fois believes that once customers are treated as friends, they will likely tell their families and other friends about how amazing your business is, leading you to more customers.

In recognition of International Friendship Day 2015, we want to thank our customers. You are the key to our success.