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It’s silly to buy electronic parts in bulk when you only need a few components. If your order is modest, consider buying from surplus electronic distributors. Surplus electronic distributors are not by definition inferior to other distributors; they are usually selling off leftover components that they bought in bulk to save money.

Surplus Electronic Components

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Surplus distributors stand to make money off of leftover stock. They hawk excess stock to include obsolete or end-of-life components that are shelved in the company’s inventory. There is usually a demand for these components, and it’s much smarter for these surplus companies to sell them rather than tossing them into the recycle bin or dumpster.

Some surplus distributors are independent businesses that buy other companies’ excess inventory and sell it to small-time manufacturers, including those that repair broken electronics. The evolution of electronic technology is so quick that you may be unable to find components of an electronic device that was manufactured just two years ago. Repair shops may have to scrounge for parts and turn to surplus distributors.

Surplus electronic components are marketed at prices that are much lower than those charged by regular wholesalers and retailers. They can get away with undercutting the competition because they buy in bulk and get discounts.

When buying surplus electronic components, consider the reliability of the distributor, which you can gauge through online reviews. You should also consider the reliability of the original manufacturer of the components that you will buy. You can be assured that the components are high quality when they are manufactured by reputable companies such as EMS Solutions.