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Contract Electronics Manufacturer

Specializing in printed circuit board assembly, EMS Solutions is one of the leading contract electronics manufacturers in the U.S. We provide any-volume production using our complete prototype assembly capabilities. EMS Solutions can provide an excellent turnaround if you are looking for a turnkey or consignment solution.

Contract electronics manufacturing covers a variety of services that may include engineering design, PCB fabrication, sub-assembly manufacturing, functional testing, turnkey or box builds, and distribution and order fulfillment on behalf of original electronics manufacturers (OEMs). Contract electronic manufacturing may be utilized as a supplement or replacement for the company-owned manufacturing operations.

As contract electronics manufacturers (CEMs), all of us at EMS work closely with OEMs to complement and enhance mutual effectiveness. OEMs and CEMs are now intertwined, giving importance to forward planning and flexibility, as both strive to meet the challenges of a fast-changing and competitive business world. EMS Solutions is equipped to work in synergy with OEMS, helping them achieve their goals.

EMS Solutions offers high-quality automated surface mount (SMT) production, selective solder technology, thru-hole assembly, x-ray, automated optical inspection (AOI), no-clean solder applications, aqueous cleaning applications, and complete box-build assembly services.

Materials handling is a primary focus at EMS Solutions. Our facility was designed to be electro-static discharge controlled with our staff of trained professionals dedicated to the safe handling of PCBA materials. We combine people, processes, and technology to ensure that our customers receive a quality product at a competitive price.

We serve a variety of companies in different industries, including wireless technology, military, transportation, medical, and broadcasting. EMS Solutions is ROHS compliant, ISO 9001-2000 certified, and lead-free capable. These certifications, along with our trained personnel (some of whom have over 25 years of quality and manufacturing experience), help facilitate consistent contract electronics manufacturing quality and cost-effectiveness. Whatever your PCB assembly needs may be, EMS Solutions can serve them.