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The right material is always crucial in making electronic components or transmitting electrical power. The ability to transmit power, information, or signals to the different parts of a device or electrical system hinges on the proper choice of cable assemblies.

Types of Cable Assemblies

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The most common types of wire and cable assemblies for manufacturing use or household projects include the following:

  • Electrical wire – Also called building wire, electrical wire is found in the walls of homes or offices. Commonly-used cables are manufactured from THHN wire, which is insulated for both indoor and outdoor use. Electrical wire also finds wide use in machines, appliances, power tools and control circuits with less than 600 volts of power. These wires use soft copper as the conductor and nylon or PVC insulator for outer coating.
  • Hook-up wire – This type of wire is used mostly for internal wiring of consumer electronics, computers, appliances, and business machines that are not subject to environmental damage. The typical hook-up wires are available in either 300 or 600 volts of stranded copper and use PVC as the insulator. They are typically used in data and electronic information transmission between electrical components.
  • Single conductor cord – These cables are used in various industrial applications like welding machines. The cord supplies electrical power through a single conductor in only one direction.
  • Power and industrial cable – You will find these cables in industrial applications with heavy equipment such as construction and mining. The cables are designed to withstand most environmental conditions and are resistant to acids, oil, industrial chemicals and gas. They are typically constructed using stranded copper and neoprene rubber jacket for protection.
  • Multi-conductor cable – With this type of cable, a signal is transmitted through two or more conductors. The cables can be shielded or unshielded and are typically used for burglar alarms, intercoms, cash registers, etc.

At EMS Solutions, we have the skills and expertise to assemble different types of cables. We are one of the leading manufacturers of cable assemblies for a broad range of uses.