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Electronic Manufacturing Services

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) involve the creation, testing, and production of electrical components and assembled components for manufacturers. The term also refers to companies that design, manufacture, test, distribute, and render return or repair services for electronic components and assemblies for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

EMS Solutions is an EMS company that may be contracted by OEMs at various points in the manufacturing process. We require only a design file from our customers before proceeding with the development of a product. We source the components from our trusted distributors and assemble and test the product. For assembly, we may require customers to supply the design, the necessary components for the manufacturing process, and an assembled sample. We provide services such as PCB etching onsite, rather than assigning these services to another contractor.

After the customer’s product needs or specifications have been determined and before we actually start the manufacturing or assembly process, EMS Solutions offers additional services. We generate a product concept that details the main objectives of the project and their preliminary specifications. We do product research by interviewing the users, consulting reputable experts, and exploring relevant products. After these steps, the product will be developed, visualized, and tested with the prototype being sent to the customer for approval.

EMS Solutions provides one or more types of product testing upon the completion of a prototype or a product run, such as agency compliance testing, automated optical inspection, and analytical laboratory testing.

We are equipped to perform different electronic manufacturing techniques for a wide array of production sizes. We offer services in printed circuit boards, microelectronics, specialty products, and volume capabilities.