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The United States has become a tremendously diverse nation, and that’s beautiful. Almost from all aspects of American culture have become a melting pot.

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The change in business practices is among the most notable. Modernization has tempted some U.S. companies to move their operations overseas in an effort to take advantage of decreased regulations and overhead. But at what expense?

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In spite of this, EMS Solutions stays true to our American roots. Our US contract manufacturing operations are entirely US-based, a proud choice of loyalty and patriotism.

4 Reasons Why US Electronics Manufacturing Services Are Better

  1. More jobs – If more American companies chose to run their operations within the United States, more jobs would be created. More jobs equal increased consumer confidence and spending. Increased spending equals more demand for products and services. It’s a beautiful cycle.
  2. Lesser risk, time, and cost of shipping overseas – Shipping product components or final products within the country saves time. Saved time equals saved money. Transportation of items overseas also involves more risk, lost goods, and increased likeliness of poor quality results due to delays.
  3. Less environmental impact – Shipment between states is smoother than shipment between two countries. Shipping inland puts minimal stress on the environment. Shipping overseas can involve an endless number of cargo ships, planes, trucks, or trains. All of which increase your product’s environmental footprint.
  4. Excellence in customer service – Customers deserve a voice. Whether praise or constructive criticism, working with a US EMS, you have a direct line of communication. With overseas operations, you have to deal with language and culture barriers making the process more challenging. While some non-US EMS employ fluent English speakers, a difference in culture or dialect still often exists.

In appreciation for Indepence Day, EMS Solutions is proud to be your US electronics manufacturing service.