As the dead of winter gives way to the blossoming trees and other themes of renewal, it’s a great time to fix up your home. You can organize clutter, take on a few deep cleaning projects, and fix broken items. You can also take a number of measures to make your home more efficient.

Energy-Saving Tips for Spring

(Pixabay / anneileino)

Try these ideas to slash your power use this spring:

  • Open windows – Your windows have likely been shut tight all winter long. Opening your windows as the weather gets warmer allows the breeze to naturally cool and refresh your house without having to turn on the air conditioner.
  • Service your air conditioner – Your air conditioning units have most likely been idle throughout winter. Before the heat revs up, make sure to have your equipment serviced. Make sure to replace your air filters to increase airflow and lower energy consumption.
  • Use ceiling fans – If you’re on the fence about whether or not it’s time to kick on the air conditioning, try ceiling fans for starters.
  • Cook outside – Use your outdoor grill for cooking while the weather allows it. It makes for less heat and fuss inside the house.
  • Let the sun in – During the day, open your blinds and windows and let the sun stream in. It’s free and will enable you to use less artificial light.
  • Install window treatments – Though you may want your windows open for spring, summer is probably another story. Install window coverings such as shades, films, or blinds that can cut down heat gain when summer hits.
  • Seal air leaks – Check your doors and windows for any cracks that will let the cool air out or the warm air in.

Combat energy waste by making your house “lean and mean” this spring.