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The United States celebrates Flag Day annually on June 14. This is to honor and pay respect to the flag of the nation, as well as to commemorate the flag’s adoption. On the same day, the United States Army celebrates its birthday.

American flag

With Flag Day upon us we are given another chance to recognize the opportunities that America brings to its citizens, both in the personal world, and business world. Free market really is an amazing thing, and EMS Solutions is proud to be an American business.

EMS Solutions prides itself as being among the most respected, US-based electronic contract manufacturers. We are often asked, “What exactly does American based mean?“ Glad you asked.

1. Workforce is based in the U.S., not from other countries

The continuous economic advancement of the United States leads to the creation of different businesses. However, when the economy and market platforms expanded globally, many American business owners started to move their operations overseas where there are fewer regulations and lower-priced employees.

Yes, there’s a positive impact using this approach, but it also is an opportunity cost for local job creation. Being an American based company, EMS Solutions is proud to support local opportunities for fellow Americans.

2. Products are manufactured within The United States

Truth be told, some businessmen take advantage of the lower operational costs in manufacturing overseas. The advantages and disadvantages are the same as #1, above.

American based businesses that manufacture locally not only create more job opportunities, but they also keep the dollar local and stimulate business for other American-based businesses by using local raw materials, too.

3. Protecting the Environment

This one may be surprising. Did you know that American-based businesses are required to follow more strict environmental protection regulations? That’s a good thing. By protecting our environment, we protect our resources to ensure a prosperous future.

Additionally, those businesses that ship overseas contribute to increased fuel consumption, use of resources, and increase the potential for lost product. What a waste.

Some American businesses may comment that manufacturing laws in the country are too strict compared to other nations. Of course, those strict regulations are created for a purpose – to protect the workers as well as the environment.

EMS Solutions would like to say, “Be proud to be an American. Be proud to be a US business.” Happy Flag Day!