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We’ve come a long way from the days when we huddled around the family stove to keep warm. Most of us enjoy the constant luxury of central heating to warm us from icy winter days, but heating technology is an ever-evolving field, and not all heaters are created equal. There are plenty of modern home heating devices and systems that rely on the latest technology to keep the home cozy and warm. Consider the following options:


(Pixabay / JamesDeMers)

  • Adaptive central heating – The Nest Thermostat is an intuitive device that is compatible with both air conditioning and central heating. The thermostat can be controlled using your computer or smartphone. It will track your preferences and habits, then change the indoor temperature conditions accordingly. Let technology do the temperature monitoring and setting for you.
  • Tap-triggered heaters – You can activate these heaters by simply tapping their base with your foot. (No more bending down to flip a switch on and off.) Once switched on, the wooden slats on the bottom of the device will push inward, and the top will tilt slightly outward to show virtual flames that emit reddish light. You will know the heater is still on when you see the red reflections on the wall. It’s like having a bonfire in your home or apartment.
  • Joule bioethanol fireplace – This high-tech device is a modern take on the traditional fireplace. It is a stand-alone design so there is no chimney attached to it. It produces real fire, utilizing bioethanol combustion through ultrasound that produces real fames. When not in use, it will double as a mirror. The fireplace can be controlled through a built-in panel, a remote control, or a smartphone.
  • Bladeless space heaters – These heaters have a minimalist design but are very effective. Marketed as Dyson Hot, the heaters can warm up an entire room in a few minutes. This space heater is far safer than the standard space heater because there are no exposed heating elements.

Crank up the warmth in high style with sleek, modern, efficient in-home heating technologies.