No matter how safe you keep your workplace, it seems inevitable that accidents still happen. However, they can be minimized. Every business owner, manager or employer, want to keep their offices safe and free of accidents. Safety features are often installed in the workplace, such as security cameras, fire exits, and automatic sprinklers, to keep everyone safe.

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EMS Solutions knows how important it is to keep electronic manufacturing service workplaces safe. In recognition of this month being Eye Safety and Injury Prevention Month, we want to share some ideas you may want to consider to keep your workplace safe.

Develop a Safety Plan

Write up a safety plan and consult with an expert concerning it. The plan should include policies and  procedures regarding emergency responses. Also, post reminders about safety procedures at different workstations to remind everyone the importance of a safe work environment.

Hold Safety Training

Once a safety plan is developed, provide training on safety and security to raise employees’ awareness regarding emergency responses. Discuss safety procedures with management and all staff. Creating awareness is your first step to minimizing, if not preventing, unwanted accidents.

Perform Emergency Drills

What good is a safety plan if it isn’t practiced and well understood? Have regular safety drills and perform them as if the issue was real. The goal is to implement safety procedures, for all employees, once an emergency happens. Be certain they are aware of where to go and what to do.

Raise Awareness

Increase situational awareness. Often times, recognizing a potential hazard and mitigating its presence is the best way to prevent accidents.

Create Teams

Safety in the workplace does not come from one person alone; it is a group effort. Create teams and identify leaders within those groups.

Workplace safety is vital. When employees feel safe, they concentrate better on the tasks at hand and productivity increases. Safety is a win-win for employees and your business.

At EMS Solution, safety is our top priority. In recognition of Eye Safety and Injury Prevention Month, let’s all make an effort to better implement safety procedures and practice safety.