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As Americans come together over the Fourth of July weekend, there will be an explosion of patriotic demonstrations. People may display flags; wear red, white, and blue; participate in parades and community sports games; and, of course, stay up late to take in the fireworks. Americans may well be numbered among the most patriotic people in the world.

Independence Day and Commitment to America

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Americans may show their patriotism in the business sector. They may give priority to war veterans when they hire employees, showing appreciation for their services and sacrifices. Americans may also throw their support behind the American economy, using American raw materials, prioritizing the hiring of American citizens, and keeping their profits on American soil. Though many Americans may run global businesses, they can still show their patriotism by ensuring that their business practices benefit their country rather than foreign interests.

EMS Solutions is an electronics manufacturing services company in Ogden, Utah. Our facility is strategically located at the base of the Wasatch Mountains, very close to Salt Lake City. We are close to the state’s major transportation hubs and partner with customers from across the state and beyond.

Our company’s location allows for very efficient delivery and pick-up of materials by our EMS delivery trucks. Our workforce is mainly local, with 100 percent of its facilities operating on American soil.

In short, EMS Solutions is a premier regional electronic manufacturing service that is focused on contributing to the continuous growth of the American economy.