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Ah, the Wright brothers, credited for their achievement in building the world’s first successful airplane. Geniuses. December 17th is celebrated as Wright Brothers Day, and whom better to be associated with innovation and entrepreneurialism.

Wright Flyer

During their day, they were criticized as “ordinary bicycle mechanics” with no appropriate education or background in aviation. They had no formal training in physics, engineering, or aeronautics. Worse, they were ignored by the best engineers and scientists of their era because they were “outsiders” in the sphere of flight.

Their Secret To Success?

The Wright brothers, even without sufficient funding for their invention nor experience as pilots, were able to solve the mystery of flight. They became two of the most celebrated inventors of our time.

The Wright brothers didn’t stop at the first failures. They learned from their mistakes and tried again and again. Processes that seemed to fail were addressed, new ideas were exploited, and so on. This is innovation.

They did what they needed to do, studied on their own, asked the experts, and tried and failed several times. They had the drive to pursue their dreams until the day they succeeded their quest. The Wright brothers became the first people to master human flight.

The Power of Innovation

Innovation is an entrepreneurs guiding light that brings the latest, best goods and services to the market. Innovation enhances efficiency, and for businesses, increases profitability.

Let’s face it, marketplaces, whatever scope they are, are fierce in competition. There are local marketplaces, regional, national and global. The Internet further intensified this competition. Without innovation and entrepreneurship spirit, will you be able to compete? Will you be able to stand tall and look failure in the eyes and repeat until you achieve success? In light of the Wright Brothers Day, let’s celebrate the ingenuity of those that have inspired us to create and succeed.