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Loyalty Day is observed in the U.S. on May 1. The day is dedicated to the remembrance of the patriots who brought freedom to the nation at the risk of their own lives. It is a day when Americans reaffirm their loyalty to the country and renew their gratitude for the freedoms that we enjoy.

Keep Clients Loyal to Your Brand

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The observance of Loyalty Day began in 1921. It was referred to as Americanization Day and acted as a counterbalance to the celebration of Labor Day in many parts of the world. It was followed by rallies to promote allegiance, participated in by more than 10,000 Veterans of Foreign Wars. In 1958, Congress designated May 1 as Loyalty Day in order to foster patriotism and love of country. It is a working holiday, but nonetheless, a time to reflect on the country’s virtues.

Loyalty to the country is essential to progress. It goes hand in hand with unity, which is crucial for a group of people working together to attain their goals. The same kind of loyalty is needed in the business world. The loyalty of employees and customers is vital to the success of any business. It’s expensive to market for new customers, so why not take strides to keep your current ones happy.

The following are ways of building customer loyalty:

  • Let customers know what you are doing for them – An email, a newsletter, or an informal phone call will be enough to tell your customers what steps you are taking to meet their needs. Whenever customers have a question or complaint, let them know what you are doing to address the issue or problem. Communication is key.
  • Write a personal letter – A personal letter to your customers will carry a lot of weight. Such personal concern can help turn customers into loyal ones.
  • Remember special occasions – Sending birthday and holiday cards to your patrons will make them feel like part of the company family.
  • Make follow-up calls – If you know someone is interested in your services but has not yet committed, a follow-up call can be the personal touch that spurs them to choose your company.
  • Go where your customers are – If your customers are active in social media, establish a presence there. Engage with your customers regularly through different social media platforms
  • Invest in a self-service channel – Pass useful information on to your customers, which they can use in their business or day-to-day lives. One way to do this is by establishing a good FAQ section on your website.
  • Make customer retention a priority – If you are willing to take steps to acquire new customers, make sure you are expending a comparable amount of effort to keep old ones.

The future of your business depends on your clients. Keeping them happy and loyal to your brand will translate into business success.