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An electric car gets power from one or more electric motors that use electrical energy stored in the onboard batteries. Electric cars are a lot quieter than cars with internal combustion engines. They can be recharged with the use of low-emission power sources, making them environmentally friendly. Electric cars reduce the country’s dependence on imported fossil fuel.

Electric Cars Key Components

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Electric cars use advanced electronic systems. They are more expensive than those used in conventional internal combustion engine cars, driving up the price of electric cars.

To shed greater light on these energy-efficient cars, here’s a look at their major components:

  • Battery – The batteries of an electric car provide the power to keep it running. The batteries can be charged from the regular power grid, using specialized power stations. There are different types of batteries for an electric car – lithium, aluminum ion, solid state, lithium sulfur, and metal-air.
  • Motor controller – The control system of an electric car governs the operation of the vehicle, including the distribution of power. It regulates the different performance indicators in all areas of the electrical system.
  • Electric engine – The electric engine propels the electric car. Engines use either an AC or DC current. An AC engine, commonly used in electric cars, is lighter and less expensive than an engine that uses DC current. AC engines have less moving parts and are prone to fewer mechanical problems.
  • Regenerative braking – Regenerative braking converts the kinetic energy of the vehicle into chemical energy to be stored in the battery and used later in powering the vehicle.
  • Drive system – The drive system transfers mechanical energy to the traction wheels in generating motion. It makes a transmission system unnecessary in an electrical vehicle.

Different component makers, including EMS Solutions, manufacture electronic parts for electric vehicles. Electric cars offer a host of benefits, and the technology keeps on improving.