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Lead-Free Assembly

EMS Solutions offers a lead-free PCB assembly service. It utilizes specialized assembly procedures that will ensure compliance with the standards of lead-free and RoHS PCB assembly. We also support your transition to RoHS-compliant circuit boards.

EMS Solutions offers a complete lead-free solder solution. Our expert team members specialize in various aspects of lead-free soldering, such as solder alloy selection, wave solder flux evaluation, solder paste evaluation, design rules, process optimization, components evaluation, equipment evaluation, quality inspection, reliability, and production costs. We have worked with industry standards organizations to hasten the industry-wide transition to lead-free products.

We offer the following services:

  • Lead-free printed circuit boards
  • Lead-free assembly
  • Lead-free wave soldering
  • Lead-free materials analysis
  • Lead-free rework

EMS Solutions will not only assemble your lead-free boards, but we will also help you determine the compliance of your bill of materials with the lead-free PCB manufacturing requirements. We can help you search lead-free components and send you a bill of materials with the appropriate components, which is part of our turnkey lead-free proto-assembly service.

Our lead-free PCB assembly process covers the following steps:

  • Profiling
  • Inspection
  • Bill of materials
  • Application of board stencil and solder paste
  • Placement of components
  • Through-hole and manual solder
  • Placing the board in reflow oven
  • Testing and packaging

EMS Solutions subscribes to a lead-free environment because of the following benefits:

  • Good thermal properties – Lead-free PCBs can survive approximately 2,000 thermal shocks that range from -45°C to 145°C. Our lead-free PCB designs use UL-approved laminates that can withstand temperatures over 260°C.
  • Low carbon footprint – The lead-free PCBs follow the RoHS regulations and the directive of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Our compliance helps reduce effects on the environment and limit carbon footprints significantly.