The 20th century was a period of sudden growth in the U.S. manufacturing sector. Many new businesses opened, providing well-paying jobs to the educated workforce. At the turn of the new century, the economy and the marketplace went global, adding new dimensions to manufacturing. This globalization was largely due to the spread of the Internet and resulted in many American businesses moving overseas to take advantage of lower wages and less regulations.

Maintain Quality with Locally Produced PCBs

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Problems with Overseas Manufacturing

At the outset, this practice of moving manufacturing overseas proved to be beneficial to all stakeholders. The business owners raked in more profits, and the customers paid less for goods. Challenges cropped up, though. Products manufactured overseas needed to be shipped back to the U.S. Shipping overseas involved many moving parts, though, giving rise to problems, including delays that jeopardized manufacturing processes back in the U.S.

The loose regulations in overseas manufacturing presented another challenge. Some products were unsafe and did not comply with U.S. standards. Unsafe parts entered the U.S. supply chain, leading to compromised finished products.

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

These problems often come to a head with printed circuit boards. PCBs are important components of many of the electrical products that we use on a daily basis. Many companies outsource PCB manufacturing to overseas companies to save money. The manufacturers may then combine these PCBs with other locally produced components, allowing them to offer a familiar product at a significantly reduced price. If the PCB has not been produced in compliance with U.S. standards, however, the entire finished product could be faulty, giving consumers a raw deal.

EMS Solutions

EMS Solutions manufactures PCBs at the base of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains in Ogden, Utah. Their first class manufacturing facility is strategically located in the heart of Utah for easy transport. The company’s location allows for efficient pick-up and delivery of materials and finished products. This convenient location allows PCBs to be transported immediately to customers, without unexpected delays.

EMS Solutions currently has four SMT lines, with state-of-the-art equipment and high-speed, efficient lines that provide consistent, high quality products. EMS Solutions facilitates fully-automated, semi-automated and manual insertion techniques. The company is able to cater to high, medium, and low-volume jobs while adhering to the highest manufacturing standards.

EMS Solutions offers a better alternative to overseas manufacturing of printed circuit boards that may not meet U.S. standards and are not delivered in a timely manner. EMS products are ready for transport straight off of the production floor and are manufactured by extensively trained professional technicians.