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December can be frenetic. We shop, we set up the Christmas tree and the outdoor Christmas lights, we decorate our homes, bake the traditional Christmas goodies, visit neighbors, send out Christmas cards—all on top of our usually busy schedules. Amidst it all, we may struggle to remember the true spirit of Christmas. Don’t let the season pass you by, however, without focusing on one of the most important parts of the season: family relationships.


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Here are a few ideas for deepening your relationships with family this holiday season.

  • Puzzle together—Puzzles allow people to spend time working together toward a common goal. Seek out a puzzle that reflects a common family memory—perhaps one that depicts a place you have lived or visited. Don’t make it too tough—a 500-piece puzzle is great for beginners. Wrap it up for a Christmas day surprise. You can enjoy the day chatting together as you complete the puzzle. Glue the completed puzzle, frame it, and hang it on your wall to remember the time together throughout the year.
  • Build together—Gingerbread house kits are easy to come by at stores. As the holiday nears, you may even be able to find some on sale. If you have a large family, buy a couple kits and work together in teams. Have a neighbor or extended family members pick their favorite and award fun prizes (“most creative,” “most decadent,” etc.)
  • Serve—Draw names of family members and perform several acts of kindness for each other throughout the month. The acts need not be performed on a large scale. You might make another person’s bed or slip a kind note into their lunch for school or work. We love those we serve, so kind acts can bring us closer together.
  • Play games—Check online for a fun new game and unveil it on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Games help us interact rather than simply doing our own thing on special days.
  • Reminisce—Pull out some old family videos to watch after the presents are unwrapped. Videos can uncork wonderful memories and laughter and help build a strong sense of family identity. No easy access to family videos? Pull out old photo albums for a similar effect.

EMS Solutions

At EMS, we put a high priority on family relationships and encourage our employees to do the same. At this truly special time of year, we wish our employees and customers the happiest of holidays and encourage you to treasure the blessings of family during this season and the coming year.