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PCB, or printed circuit board, greatly reduces errors in assembly and routing. It increases the fabrication efficiency and degree of automation of electronic products. The constant improvements and developments of the modern PCB have contributed to the progress of modern life.

Reliable PCB

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PCBs are manufactured according to different classification standards. The following are the typical classifications based on the number of layers:

  • Single-layer PCBs – This is the most fundamental type of PCB. It has only one layer of substrate with one side covered with a thin layer of metal. The metal cover is layered with a protective solder mask.
  • Double-layer PCBs – These double-sided PCBs allow for efficient routing of traces through holes between the top and bottom layers.
  • Multi-layer PCBs – These PCBs increase the density and complexity of the design by adding layers beyond the top and bottom layers, facilitating the production of dense and complex designs.

Functions of PCBs

PCBs provide two fundamental functions:

  • Provide mechanical support for electric components.
  • Interconnect the components and provide input/output connections for optimal interaction between the user and electronics.

PCBs also perform other functions such as heat transfer, electromagnetic shielding, electrical impedance matching, and more. The product designs of PCBs depend on the desired functionality. All PCBs, however, need to incorporate the two basic functions.

Designers of electronic products are making attempts to shrink components, connectors, and PCBsin order to minimize size and cost while increasing performance. In the past, some designers tried to shrink PCBs in ineffective ways. It resulted in increased complexity without much value added. Currently, PCBs have multi-level, high-density interconnections and fine features that make them the miraculous life blood of electronics production.

EMS Solutions

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