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Observed each year in the month of June, National Safety Month aims to reduce the leading causes of death and injury in the workplace, on the road, at home, and in communities. The National Safety Council and other organizations in the country work together to encourage people to be safe in all aspects of their lives.

National Safety Month

(Pixabay / JamesDeMers)

If you work in a warehouse, you know that this setting has more than its fair share of work-related injuries. Companies must make sure that the warehouse and its equipment are safe for employees.

Here are some basic safety tips:

  • Staff training – The warehouse can be maintained as a safe environment with the help of ongoing staff training programs to educate workers about proper equipment use and material handling.
  • Cleanliness – A warehouse that is free from clutter and disorganization is less likely to cause accidents. Injuries occur when tools, sharp objects, and wires are left out in work areas.
  • Time requirements – Time is important in any work environment. Warehouse work is highly demanding, and workers should be given adequate time to complete tasks. Accidents happen when employees are rushing to meet deadlines.
  • Lifting equipment safety – The use of forklifts requires a high level of skill. Ensure that those who operate lifting equipment are properly certified.
  • Hazardous materials – Not all warehouses store hazardous materials. Those that do must follow proper protocol. Safety solutions should be on hand in case of accidents.
  • Conveyor safety – Conveyors must be subjected to daily inspection to ensure that they are working properly.
  • Personal safety – Workers should be reminded to strictly observe all safety protocols, including wearing protective gear.

Employees are a company’s most valuable resource. Protect your employees by making safety a top priority.