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Spring is here. As the flowers bloom, it reminds us of nature’s beauty. Earth is our home and we should take care of it. April 22nd, Earth Day, celebrated globally, is an opportunity to do just that.

recycle waste

With more than 200 participating countries, Earth Day promotes environmental protection and preservation and awareness of environmental issues among people.

EMS Solutions recycles. Do you?

Improper disposal of wastes and garbage is one of the primary reasons why Earth is suffering from pollution and calamities. Some studies suggest that one person contributes an average of up to five pounds of garbage per day. Yet, individual garbage is a drop in the bucket when it comes to corporate waste and business garbage disposal.

Recycling can be of big help in conserving nature. It is a process wherein waste material is converted and reused as a new product. It reduces the consumption of raw materials (logging from trees, mining, etc.) and reduces the unnecessary production of new raw materials. The production savings means big bucks saved, too. More importantly, recycling benefits the environment.

The importance of protecting Earth seems be getting more attention. Earth Day 2000 was participated by 5000 environmental groups which consisted of 184 countries.
Earth Day 2007 was one of the largest Earth Day celebrations to date. With a variety of activities, numerous people participated at thousands of places globally.
In 2010, the Earth Day Network, the largest environmental service campaign in the world, launched a campaign to plant one billion trees. This goal was reached just two short years later.
Do your part this Earth Day. Reduce electricity consumption, recycle, and avoid unnecessary resource consumption. Together, we can enjoy Earth for milleniums to come.