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Test solutions involve finding the most effective processes to examine products in manufacturing, quality assurance, and related areas in order to ensure that they meet specifications. Test solutions also determine the best way to provide a thorough inspection of all of a product’s different components. Test engineers are responsible for creating the test solutions and also serve as a liaison between manufacturing, design engineering, sales, and marketing departments.

Why Test Solutions

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Test engineers with different expertise create test solutions based on the processes they are most familiar with. Most test engineers are fully trained in different processes ranging from board functional tests to system level tests.

In a typical manufacturing firm, there are in-house test solutions for different manufacturing process such as:

  • In-circuit tests
  • Stand-alone tests
  • Automated x-ray inspection and automated optical inspection tests
  • Flying probe tests
  • Board functional tests
  • Environmental stress screening tests
  • System tests
  • Final quality audit process tests

As a rule, process testing takes into consideration all of the integrated components that have already passed through testing individually. The purpose of integration testing is to discover any inconsistency between components that are joined together for a specific task, called assemblages.

Implementing Test Solutions

For manufacturing companies that will be introducing a new product, establishing test solutions entails a lot of work and revenue investment. Test engineers need to be hired and assigned to specific training tasks. The engineers will need to do the hard work of figuring out, through experimentation, how each component will interact with the others.

If this sounds daunting, consider hiring experts in the field who are trained and ready to develop test solutions for you. The EMS Solutions Test Team can help your company by providing turnkey solutions for your testing needs. EMS Solutions can create a custom test solution for your company. Our experienced team has developed many test solutions for customers. We look forward to helping you implement thorough and cost-effective test solutions.