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Every third Monday of April many celebrate “Patriot’s Day.” Patriotism is being devoted or supportive to one’s country, or simply, love for one’s country. Proud to be based in Utah, EMS Solutions prides its operations around being an American business.

Bald Eagle

In light of Patriot’s Day, here are three reasons why EMS Solutions is proud to be 100% American Based:

Workforce is in the U.S.

As our workforce has become more global and even further hyper-globalized by the internet, many modern business sectors have turned to outsourcing. While moving operations overseas may be an enticing consideration to lower costs for some business it often also lowers quality.

EMS Solutions is proud to have developed operations that can deliver quality products within the US all while staying competitive on pricing while supporting American workers.

Products are created within United States

Some businesses may not export their whole workforce overseas, but they may move production offshore. Not EMS Solutions.

Proud to keep the welfare of fellow Americans in mind, EMS Solutions keeps all workforce and product manufacturing wholly stateside. The more jobs kept in America means more money circulating in America. The more we give to workers the more they give to the economy.

Protecting workers, quality, AND the environment

A purely American based company gives importance in protecting the environment of the United States. With high standards for environmental protection in the US, stateside businesses often take initiatives to make the most of supplies, minimize waste, and minimize pollution.

EMS Solutions even goes a step further. As discussed in one of our other articles, EMS Solutions recognized just how much of an impact industrial recycling can have. Early observations of our practice revealed that upwards of 56 cubic yards of material per month are now recycled.

Big or small, each of us can do our part to support America. How can you support our country this Patriot’s Day?