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No matter how optimistic of a lifestyle you live, it seems that stress still strikes from time to time. While some stress can be quite minimal and can be easily brushed off, other moments of stress can be overwhelming. And when you are part of the working class, the later moments of stress are more likely.

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Stress is becoming a social problem which is now proven to affect the overall health. In appreciation of Stress Awareness Month, here are some tips for relieving stress at the office to be happier and more productive.


While your job may be top-notch, sometimes the overwhelming list of tasks ahead can be overwhelming. Before you enter your corporate jungle or warehouse each day, prepare for the battle ahead.

Get a good night of rest. Then, start the morning with a healthy breakfast so you have proper nutrition and energy to fight the day’s fights.


A big part of successfully preparing for the day ahead involves being organized. After you’re fed, create a to-do list for the day. Having a prioritized plan of attack will maximize your productivity for the day.

Before starting the work day, jot down all the tasks for the day and any leftover work from the day before. Once it is all written down, indicate the deadlines for each item and arrange it accordingly. Start with the most urgent and finish with the least important. In this manner, one will be able to organize their thoughts and concentrate on accomplishing each task in a more efficient manner.


Take time to stop and stretch a bit. Staying in a sedentary position all day can wear you down. Being lethargic also contributes to a lack of motivation. To become more productive, take a brief break and do some stretches, walk, or simply work while standing up. Getting up will get the blood flowing and provide a deserved break for your sedentary situated body parts.

Stress is no laughing manner. If not addressed, stress can lead to physical health affects or mental breakdowns. In appreciation of Stress Awareness Month, put yourself first and take a break when needed. While taking a break when behind may sound counterintuitive, acknowledging stress is one step closer to becoming more productive.