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Prototype Assembly

Many customers want a prototype of an assembled printed circuit board to test in a finished working product. This allows them to modify their PCB as needed.

EMS Solutions offers complete prototype and PCB assembly services. Our team of SMT process engineers, professional soldering technicians, and component procurement specialists provides a flexible assembly process that is affordable with fast turnaround.

EMS Solutions can handle prototype assembly quantities ranging from one to 25 boards, allowing you to have complex designs for testing without having to worry about assembly workmanship. We have an area for proto assembly with a layout design that allows a mix of automated and manual part loading stations.

Our core business is turnkey PCB assembly. We use our expertise and resources to offer you various services ranging from PCB prototyping to component purchasing and circuit board assembly.

EMS Solutions can help you avoid the problem of sourcing PCB components to allow you to focus on your design. We have an experienced procurement team that can deal with various component distributors on your behalf. We have expertise in cross-referencing parts, including hard-to-find or obsolete items. There will be no issue with part substitutions because we always purchase the part numbers from specific manufacturers as specified in your bill of materials. We will never change your design without your consent. If we have to substitute parts, we will get your approval before proceeding.

The turnkey price will be the sum of the labor assembly cost, bare PCB cost, and component cost. Our clients can estimate the PCB plus assembly cost in seconds. The component prices will be our cost from the distributors, as we do not charge any handling fees.

On-time delivery is our priority. We start PCB manufacturing once the parts are procured. We will review component issues and any engineering questions with you before we start the assembly job.

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