If you are an electrician, engineer, or electronic designer, you need quality software to help you be successful. With a vast array of software available on the market, it can be hard to know which one to choose. Check out these suggestions from a few of our readers.
Alphonso Carty

Alphonso Carty

Alphonso Carty, Owner of Carty’s Tutoring.

Multisim and MATLAB

For electrical engineers, there is a suite of good software available to us that can make our jobs much easier. My two favorites, though, would be Multisim and MATLAB. They are a great pair to help with electrical engineering as a broad discipline in general.

Multisim is a live, online circuit simulator; you can build virtually any circuit on its platform and simulate how it would work. It has a ridiculous amount of tools that allow you to fully customize your circuit parameters and elements to the finest details, which is exactly what you need when designing a completely new circuit that has never been used before.

Whether you are just trying your hand at design or a professional engineer, it would behoove you to have multisim as a part of your toolkit.

MATLAB is a one-stop shop for mathematics and calculation for everyone in STEM fields. Engineering is not guesswork. They don’t just throw a bunch of materials together and use trial and error until the ideas work; there is a lot of physical and mathematical conceptualization, and analysis that goes into it well before a prototype can ever be built. That’s where MATLAB comes into play. It can be used to build and solve any mathematical system or model needed to represent your designs.

With these two tools, you could be well on your way to building the Iron-Man suit.

Five Top Picks

Circuits, PCBs, connections, and difficulties are important to the work of electronic and electrical engineers. However, software advancement has made life a little easier for engineers.

These days, the market is filled with top-notch electrical and electronic software that can handle various tasks, including circuit design and modeling. Here are the software programs widely used in electrical engineering project design.

1. Autodesk Product Design Suite
It is a well-known 3D design program that uses cutting-edge capabilities to assist engineers in completing their engineering process by modifying the product design in an easily accessible manner.

2. COMSOL Multiphysics
The physics-based modeling platform, COSMOL, is used as a tool for engineering design. It has tools and interfaces and lets you select from 30 different products and grow the simulation platform.

3. The Engineering Toolbox
An online site that offers tools, resources, and essential information to supply design engineers with the optimum version. As a tool for engineering design, it has choices for charts, conversion, and diagram templates.

4. TinyCAD
It is an open-source tool for creating schematic or circuit diagrams for electrical systems. The practical engineering design program TinyCAD supports both common and unique symbolic libraries.

5. XCircuit
It can create high-quality drawings of electrical circuit schematic designs. Electrical engineers’ jobs are made easier by XCircuit’s features, which include saving editable components and retrieving them from libraries.

Max Shak

Max Shak

Max Shak, Founder of powerpres.com.
Don East

Don East

Don East is an electronics engineer that has helped develop musical instrument products for some of the biggest brands. He also spends his time as the editor for a music blog called Killer Rig..

Eagle CAD or Kicad

Electronic design engineers that seek helpful software for printed circuit boards should look no further than Eagle CAD.

The advancements in PCB design software have come a long way, making it incredibly easy to lay out a board from start to finish. It can also import all desired component footprints and source components from all major distributors quickly and easily.

I have used [Eagle CAD] for quite a few projects, making PCB design easy.

Anyone looking to try out PCB design software can use another called Kicad. It’s free, open-source software that is also quite good.

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