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Through the years, we’ve been witnessing endless improvements due to technology. From zero-emission cars fuelled by hydrogen, to microcomputer chips patterned like the human brain, it is no doubt that technologies have brought more power and convenience to the modern world.

DNA sequence

Transforming industries and improving lives have been always the best promises of technological advancements. And since this year’s curtain is nearing to an end, we want to share some of the best technology advancements of 2015 with you.

Fuel cell vehicles

One of the major breakthroughs this 2015, fuel cell vehicles address issues like energy shortages and air pollution. Hydrogen or natural gas power these transports, maximizing efficiency and benefiting the environment with reduced or no emissions output.

Robotics Technology

Robotics has been providing convenience to the world for many decades now. This year, the advances in the robotics field have become more responsive and adaptive to changes. With the ability for robots to connect and benefit from cloud-computing, allowing them to access information and instructions of all kinds, we are likely witnessing the birth of the robotics age.

Genetic Engineering

By minimizing water, land, and fertilizer usage, genetic engineering is producing advancements in agricultural sustainability. By manipulating DNA in target genomes, agriculture is producing breakthroughs of better crops and higher yields with fewer resources.

The Emergent of Neuromorphic Technology

Is it possible for computer chips to mimic the human brain? Yes, it is. Neuromorphic technology can process information similar to the brain. Only time can tell where this will lead.
What a fascinating time we live in. We’re all so lucky to experience these tech evolutions. And at EMS Solutions, we’re proud to play our part in the printed circuit board assembly of many of these technologies.