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If you’re in the electronics industry, you know what it means to do more with less. Technology is racing forward at breakneck speed. Demands are high, and yet many organizations are short-staffed. Employees often find themselves stretched to the brink and making due with limited time and resources.

Outsourcing PCB Layout and Design

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If you’re “feeling the burn,” one way to relieve stress within your company, save money, and reduce time to market is to use a contract electronic manufacturer for layout and design.

Here are just a few of the advantages of outsourcing these functions:

  • Uninterrupted output – Your engineering department may intend to work on layout and design during the day, but the nine to five hours are often monopolized by conversations with customers. If you use a third-party company to help with layout and design, they can work hard and deliver fast while you’re tending to customer care and other important priorities.
  • Breadth of experience – Your operators probably wear multiple hats. They may have basic familiarity with many jobs but lack in-depth knowledge across the board. When you deal with a dedicated design and layout firm, you will have access to a high degree of expertise. You can outsource projects to companies with many operators who have dealt with countless different types of layouts. They’ll be uniquely equipped to help with questions that your team may not be able to answer. They’ll also likely have relationships with component manufacturers that will afford them easy access for questions and a clear perspective for making layout decisions.
  • Manufacturing discounts – Companies with a strong reputation for layout and design are also invariably good at manufacturing. Many of them will offer you bargain prices if you allow them to build your PCBs after they design them.

If you do outsource your PCB layout and design, be sure to communicate your needs clearly. Ensure that the company that you contract with is aware of your budget parameters and your time constraints for each new project. You should also inform the design team about the application of each project, as this will make a big difference in the testing requirements.

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