Electrical shocks can vary in severity; from minor burns to major burns, or even death. Here are a few tips to minimize your risk when dealing with electricity.


  1. Always practice safety. One of the most important things when working with electricity is to observe safety standards.
  2. Turn it off. Remember to turn off the circuit of any electrical equipment you are working on.
  3. Read circuit labels. When dealing with circuits, read the labels. Circuits generate immense power. Don’t open a panel unless you are qualified. And when switching them on or off, ensure you are turning the right circuit by reading the label on the switch.
  4. A little testing won’t hurt. Even if the circuit breaker is turned off on an item that you’ll be working on, run it through a tester just to make sure there is no energy running through it before you start performing any work.
  5. Do not use a metal ladder. When using a ladder to perform electrical repair, use a non-conductive ladder.
  6. Wet areas are a death wish when it comes to electric shock. Stay away from wet or moist areas when working with electricity. Go the extra mile and wear rubber soles for extra protection.