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One of the benefits of working with EMS Solutions is that we are ISO9001 certified. The ISO 9000 family is a series of standards for quality management. They ensure that organizations can address customers’ needs while complying with regulations relevant to a particular product or service.

ISO9001 Certification Matters

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When we say that we are ISO 9001 certified, we are telling our customers and potential customers that we have met the requisite requirements in the areas that we specialize in. No organization can declare itself 9001 certified; this distinction can only be awarded by a qualified certifying entity. We are proud to say that we have met all of the requirements to earn this certification, which is one of the most widely used tools for measuring standards compliance that exists in the world today.


ISO 9000 got its official start in 1987 at the hands of the International Organization for Standardization, but its true genesis came back in the 1970s when the Department of Defense developed standards for organizations seeking to earn government contracts. A hodgepodge of different requirement systems sprang up, and ISO helped standardize them.

Applications across industries

The ISO 9001 standard is adaptable enough that it has been used by a wide variety of organizations across different industries. These include U.S. law enforcement agencies, professional sports teams in Mexico, and local governing bodies in the United Kingdom. A number of industries have launched their own interpretations to tailor the guidelines to their respective industries. For example, the food industry abides by ISO22000, which measures compliance with food safety regulations.

Global relevance

Though ISO 9000 got its start in the U.S., it is now used more by certain other countries than it is even within its home country. As of 2014, nearly 350,000 entities in China had been awarded ISO 9001 certificates. Italy had over 150,000 certificates with Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom all with between 40,000 and 50,000 certificates. The U.S. had 33,000 certificates in 2014.

At EMS, we are proud to have earned the ISO9001 certificate. It helps ensure our customers that we will comply with the highest standards in our electronics manufacturing services, which include surface mount assembly, box build assembly, and more.