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Whether you’re inside your home, or you’re in your workplace, safety should always be on your mind. Do you believe that danger could be anywhere? With “Workplace Eye Wellness” month upon us, EMS Solutions has a few tips to keep safe at work.

safety rules

1. Be compassionate, keep an eye out for your co-workers

Whether there’s a newly hired personnel in your department or your supervisor with years of experience, it never hurts to help out co-workers. You may think that it’s not your responsibility to look after the new guy but, keeping everyone safe keeps everyone productive. Keeping everyone productive keeps the paychecks coming.

Keeping an eye on your co-workers doesn’t mean you prioritize more on thinking for others than yourself. It simply means to be attentive. You never know when something as simple as offering a co-worker a helping hand with lifting something, moving equipment, etc. could be the difference of a productive day vs. a day with injuries. Lend a hand when you’re able. It’s the small thing in a manufacturing warehouse that counts.

2. Always, always, always follow safety rules

Okay, you hate rules. No one argues with that. But once you’re in the workplace, rules exist to keep everyone safe (including you).

3. Stay sober

Staying straight at the workplace may sound like an obvious tip but it is not. Did you know that information from the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence found a large percentage of workplace injuries were directly related to alcohol?

16% of emergency room patients injured at work had alcohol detected by a breathalyzer

11% of workplace fatalities have been attributed to drinking

24% of workers report drinking at least once during the workday in the last year

4. Know your rights as an employee

Employee rights are there to protect not only the company but you as an employee, too. If you feel like a workplace task may be dangerous or out-of-scope then you may have rights to discuss the task with your supervisor. If you do find yourself injured on the job, you may also have rights to compensation.

5. Speak Up!

No one knows the production floor better than those that work it. If know that there are some accident prone areas in your workplace then let the higher-ups know. It is in their best interest to do what is in your best interest, and that is to make sure that everyone has a safe work environment.

Workplace Eye Wellness Month

Workplace Eye Wellness gives electronic contract manufacturers, or any business, in general, a unique opportunity to review workplace safety policies and procedures. Following the safety rules and procedures in the workplace can help protect a lot more than our eyes while at work. Help yourself and your co-workers. Keep safety a priority.