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Companies produce tons and tons of wastes each day. In fact, businesses are often larger producers of waste than consumers. Since society is becoming more conscious about its environmental state, it is important for companies to follow the trend, too. Setting rules and compliance regulations when it comes to garbage and waste disposal of big companies is important.

World Environment Day

June’s World Environment Day is an opportunity for consumers and businesses to do their part. This year’s theme of World Environment Day is “Many Species. One Planet. One Future.”

The theme encourages people to recognize that we are all in this together. We all have to fight to protect our only planet. And companies that embrace World Environment Day can help amplify it’s message to broader audiences. In recognition of World Environment Day, here are ways that your business can contribute to protecting the environment by properly handling waste.

1. Classify waste:

Each garbage classification has different ways of being properly disposed of.

• non-biodegradable
• biodegradable
• recyclable

Companies should be meticulous about the garbage they dump. Organizing the waste makes it easier to dispose of safely.

2. Join beach clean-ups

Since its summer time, the beach is breeding ground for parties… and garbage aftermath.

• beer cans
• plastic cups
• food packages
• sunscreen bottles
• water bottles

As you can see, much of beach garbage includes recyclable plastic or cans. You’ll not only be keeping the beach clean but you’ll be renewing the garbage to keep it from landfills.

3. Conduct an environmental discussion

Why not organize an event for World Environmental Day? Create a panel or share knowledge about the environment and the many ways that locals can come together to protect their local resources. Give the public inspiration to take care of the environment and provide solutions that they can embrace.

Join us in is celebrating World Environment Day. We encourage everyone to take an active part and help save the environment today and in the years to come.