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X-Ray Verified PCBA

EMS Solutions uses the latest in Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) technology. This X-ray verification process ensures the highest level of quality for printed circuit board assembly.

X-ray inspection, or Automated X-ray inspection (AXI), is used to inspect the hidden features of products or target objects. X-ray inspection today is widely used in various applications such as medical, aerospace, and industrial control. PCB manufacturers rely on the use of X-ray testing to determine quality.

X-ray use is advantageous because materials absorb X-rays in proportion to their atomic weight, with all materials absorbing the X-ray radiation differently depending on their atomic number, thickness, and density. Heavy element materials absorb more X-rays to produce clearer images. Lighter element materials are highly transparent to X-rays.

An X-ray inspection device uses an X-ray projection microscope. The inspection process begins with the X-ray-launching tube making a pass through inspected PCBs. Since materials vary in X-ray absorption based on their density and atomic number, the projection is generated on detectors. The higher the density is, the deeper the shadow will be.

The ideal X-ray inspection process must use clear X-ray images to provide information for defect analysis. To attain this objective, an X-ray inspection system must use a sufficient magnification to meet both the present and future needs. For the analysis of BGAs, oblique angle function must be available. Without it, solder balls can be inspected only from directly above, losing detailed information for analysis.

EMS Solutions is RABQSA International certified, assuring our compliance with the highest industry standards. In addition, we have a team of quality inspectors with over 25 years of experience in the PCBA industry.