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National Safety Month is celebrated every June as initiated by the National Safety Council (NSC). The purpose is to educate, increase awareness, and influence behaviors around the major causes of injuries in the workplace.

protective gear

In light of National Safety Month, EMS Solutions would like to share some basic considerations on keeping your workplace safe and productive.

Always wear protective gear

If your job calls for it, wear protective gear all the time. Never access restricted areas or operate equipment without being fully equipped with general or task-specific personal protective equipment (PPE).

Encourage taking regular breaks

“Staying safe and alert” should always be your most important mantra. Being mentally alert all the time can help you prevent injury or burnout.

Working at least 8 hours a day? Designate regular breaks to stay alert.

Also, don’t stress out. If you find a task too challenging, change pace for a moment when necessary. Taking a break or changing gears for a moment can often be the brief refresher you need to tackle a troublesome task.

Stay sober

This may sound like a no-brainer, but alcohol or any form of drugs won’t help anyone become productive in the workplace. Surprisingly, drugs and alcohol contribute to around three percent of the total number of workplace injuries. These are injuries that never have to happen.

Keep hydrated

Everyone knows that water is important. Likewise, water plays a huge role in the workplace. Even if your workplace is more “white collar” than “blue collar,” drinking water is still the best way to keep the work force cool and hydrated.

You can help spread awareness on how to prevent injuries in workplaces by sharing this article to your friends and coworkers. National Safety Month is here. Are you ready?