Whether you work in the industry of electronics manufacturing services, warehousing, or any other industry, every workplace has potential hazards. In recognition of National Safety Month, here are ways to avoid trips, slips, and other workplace hazards.

Workplace safety precautions

Wear the right footwear

Do you work in a warehouse with heave equipment always on the move? Steel-toed boots are a must. Do you work in a factory with slippery floors? Shoes with proper gripping tread are a must.

Store hazardous and flammable materials properly

Hazardous materials should be stored properly; away from other material and within encompassing receptacles of the proper protective material. Same goes for flammable materials. When fire happens, lives are immediately in danger.

Control dust levels

Gathered dust on equipment may limit its’ performance or contribute to asthma symptoms in employees. Furthermore, dust may sound insignificant but a certain level of dust may contribute and worsen the effects of an explosion. As little as 1/32 inch of dust inside an enclosed room could be of concern. Especially if it is a bi-product, like sawdust. Dust has many reported instances of exploding from the smallest of sparks within a warehouse. For example, sugar dust killed 14 people at Imperial Sugar in 2008.

Do not stack things too high

Do not stack equipment or product higher than recommended increments. Items stacked too high can become a hazard that leads to occupational injuries. Implementing toe boards or toe rails may also help minimize objects from falling when stacked or stored high.